The Places Thomas Jefferson Called Home

poplarforest The Places Thomas Jefferson Called Home

I first wrote about the homes of Thomas Jefferson last September I knew a little about his most famous residence, Monticello, but little else besides that. Turns out pretty much every place Thomas Jefferson has called home has some interesting architectural element or historical significance to it.

As we look this week at the “Home of the Brave” and the places some of our nation’s founding figures called home, we thought we should revisit the places Thomas Jefferson called home.

Founding Father. Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence. Farmer. Author. Scholar. Third President of the United States.

As if these titles were not enough, Thomas Jefferson also can add owner of one of the most famous homes in the country to his list of accomplishments. While many people know about Monticello, Jefferson also lived in some other interesting homes throughout his life. Let’s take a look.

Poplar Forest

Known as the first octagonal home in the United States, this retreat outside is located in what is now Forest, Virginia just miles outside of Lynchburg. Thomas Jefferson built this estate towards the end of his life as an escape from the hordes of visitors that came to Monticello.

It was in essence a retreat, or vacation home, for this Founding Father. Jefferson is quoted as saying “It is the most valuable of my possessions” when speaking about his home at Poplar Forest. Jefferson intended to give the home to his youngest daughter, Mary Jefferson, who unfortunately died at the early age of 26.

Many refer to this home as an embodiment of Jefferson himself as it is representative of many forms of excellence including architecture, landscaping and an engineering marvel.

Poplar Forest is one of only two homes that Thomas Jefferson designed and built for himself. Find out more information …read more

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