Essential Nursery Room Ideas

Designing a nursery is exciting! As you begin to plan for your new baby’s space, consider some of these nursery room ideas to give you a head start on designing and decorating.

Choosing the Right Room for Baby

Choosing a room that will become your nursery may be an obvious choice or an agonizing decision. Whether you have a few spare rooms to choose from in your DFW home or are struggling to create a space in your already cramped place, use these tips to figure out where to plan your nursery.

  • Heating, Air and Ventilation: New babies are especially susceptible to heat and cold. Evaluate spaces in your home to ensure you choose one that can be maintained at a proper temperature.
  • Easily Accessible: Accessibility is key for you now and baby later. In homes with bedrooms on different levels, accessibility can be a key decision factor — are you going to go up or down stairs every trip to the nursery? Could you choose a space on the same level as your room while your child is an infant and move them to a bedroom on another floor as they grow older?
  • Privacy: If you have additional people living with you in your home, remember that baby will need to have private, quiet space to accommodate falling (and staying) asleep and distraction-less feedings. You’ll also want a place that can keep a majority of your baby gear self-contained.
  • Lighting: Whether flooded with natural sunlight or aided by overhead or standing lamps, having a nursery with lots of lighting is important.

What’s in a Color?

Once you’ve picked a space, your next step is to choose the main color for your nursery room. This color can influence furniture picks, wall hangings, and matching accessories. Don’t feel like you have to follow conventional color schemes (e.g., pinks and blues). Instead, think about what colors you already love and what overall theme you want to create.

Try out some of these potential nursery room ideas for your color palette.

  • Deep hues: For a twist on conventional colors, consider using a deep blue, hot pink, vibrant green, or sunny and bright yellow for the walls.
  • Rich earth tones: Use a rich golden tan color, a smooth chocolate brown, or a forest green shade for an earthy palette.
  • Complementary color: If you’ve already chosen a character or theme to build your nursery around, pick a complementary colors associated with that theme to be your main wall tone.

Fill It Up

Last (but certainly not least) is filling your nursery with furniture for the baby — and for you! Here’s a list of must-haves for your new baby space.

  • Crib: When it comes to the crib, you have two major choices to make: Would you prefer a crib that will simply and only be a crib, or one that convert into a bed as your child grows older?
  • Changing table: You’ll use this item almost a dozen times a day as your little one goes through diaper after diaper. If your space is limited, consider using a changing pad on top of a dresser instead.
  • Rocking chair: This piece is as much for you as baby. Between rocking to sleep, sitting while nursing, and catching a few winks while baby dozes, you’ll want to make sure your rocking chair is comfortable. Consider chairs that come with a separate rocking ottoman or that can recline.

You’ve got a space, know your color palette, and have a head start on choosing furniture. Congrats! All of your basic nursery room ideas are covered.

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Real Estate Headlines with a CES Twist

The Coldwell Banker Blue Matter team has returned from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and there’s one thing we know for certain: the home of the future is here today. From home automation to robots to smart appliances, science fiction is a reality for those who want their homes to be. So for your weekly dose of real estate headlines we wanted to highlight some of the top posts we published during our time at CES.

Everyone’s heard about the smart home, but what about a smart garden?

The Smart Watch just might be the control center for your home.

Vintage vinyl with a modern style and sound is the perfect addition to the audiophile’s home.

Will the future laundry room take some of the dirty work out of cleaning clothes?

These LG vacuums are like having your own cleaning service.

Lowe’s Iris app might be the best smart home system out there.

Your driveway is now your personal basketball trainer thanks to 94Fifty.

Forget about Rosie from The Jetsons. Your home will soon need Jarvis from Iron Man.

Soon you’ll be able to ask your bedroom vanity “Which outfit or makeup style makes me the fairest of them all?

You can cancel your gym membership because iFIT is turning your home into the ultimate gym.

Go get a 4K TV. Like right now. Go.

And finally, be sure to watch our Day 1 recap video. And you might as well watch the Day 2 recap video as well.

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Ditch the Treadmill Desk and Chair-ser-cise!


Working out is hard. Sitting down is easy. How about we combine the two? Yes, please.

That’s the mindset behind the creation of the Tao Chair from Tao Wellness. The Tao Chair exercises are a series of pushing and pulling on the arms of the chair to help work your muscles through a variety of exercises. The tension on the arms of the chair is pretty tight and having sat in the chair myself I can attest that the idea of “chair-ser-cising” is not easy.

The Tao Chair has embedded sensors that also track how many calories you’ve burned based on the type of exercises you’re doing. According to the people I spoke with at CES, the Tao Chair works out different muscle groups all over the body using the Variobics system which was specially designed for all Tao products.

So the next time you’re ready to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix you could make the excuse that you’re “working out” if you had a Tao Chair in your family room.

Check out all the amazing home tech we’ve uncovered at this year’s CES by visiting

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The Future of the Laundry Room

LG Styler
While most of us hope that the future of the laundry room involves a robotic butler to sort, wash and fold for us, the modern-day improvements to the laundry room featured at CES 2015 have taken at least some of the dirty work out of chores for us.
At Home Dry Cleaning
There were two at-home clothing cleaning systems that really stood out at CES: the SWASH Express Clothing System and the LG Styler.

The SWASH Express Clothing System, which runs on the equivalent of a K-cup of detergent, eliminates clothing wrinkles and odors in just 10 minutes. You simply use the clothing clamps to stretch a piece of clothing into place, slide the door shut and run the Swash cycle. According to Swash, “people who dry-clean at least once a month spend about $758.26.” With the SWASH™ system, which retails for $499, you can cut your dry-cleaning bills by 50% by using the appliance to dewrinkle, refresh and restore clothing without ever leaving the house.
The LG Styler uses TrueSteam™, LG’s hot steam spray technology to give up to 4 pieces a quick refresh, reducing the number of trips to the dry cleaners. Unfortunately, it is not a replacement for the dry cleaners as the system only uses steam and no detergents to wash clothing. With a price tag around $2,000, this clothes management system is not intended for residential use; however, we may see these installed in ritzy hotels in the future.
The Anywhere Washer & Dryer
2015-01-07 10.16.41
Whirlpool also stole the show at CES with their ventless washer and dryer combo, the new Duet with Hybrid Care, which allows a homeowner to move the laundry room wherever is most convenient. Perhaps the laundry room is located on the ground floor of a two-story home and the new homebuyer prefers to have the washer and dryer located closer to the bedrooms for more convenient laundering of sheets and towels. The ventless technology of this Whirlpool appliance line allows homeowners flexibility to relocate the laundry room, while not skimping on efficiency.
Leak Detection
2015-01-07 10.34.00
If you’ve ever had a washing machine hose burst, you know the potentially devastating damage that mishap can cause. Lowe’s Iris Home Management System, which allows you to manage your lighting, doors, security system and beyond, has also developed a potential solution to this homeowner nightmare. The Utilitech Water Leak Detector, designed to detect indoor leaks by alerting the homeowner of water on the floor. Install this device near a washing machine or toilet to be alerted via the Iris app should a leak occur. One step further, the Leak Smart electronic Smart Valve serves as an automated water shut-off valve. Set up a rule within the Iris system to ensure that when a leak is detected in your laundry room, your main water valve shuts off even if you’re not home.
To see more about the future of home, follow the conversation by searching for #CBCES or visiting

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Lowe’s Iris App Is Making Smart Homes Easy & Affordable for Homeowners

Imagine having the power to control everything in your home with the touch of a button. Turning your lights on and off, closing your blinds, or even letting your dog outside is all possible with a simple tap on your smart phone or tablet. It sounds pretty futuristic, but the Iris app by Lowe’s is making this a reality for homeowners everywhere.

Lowe’s describes the Iris app as a “remote control for your home.” Starter kits run as low as $179, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to add helpful gadgets to your home, make your life easier, and keep your family safer. The kits are geared towards home security and energy conservation, but you can completely customize it to fit your home and your family’s needs.

Home Security
Contact sensors can be installed anywhere you want to monitor activity in your home. Placing one near a window is one of the most common uses, but you can also monitor your medicine or liquor cabinet. The sensor will alert you when someone opens the cabinet, which is a great way for parents to keep their children safe.

Motion sensors are a must for monitoring activity in your home, whether it’s from afar or when you just want to keep an eye on something from another room. One of the demonstrations we saw at CES showed a sensor in a baby’s crib, so parents can be notified when their child is moving around during the night.

Energy Conservation
The smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely, which is a guaranteed way to conserve energy and lower your monthly utility bill. Installing smart plugs allows homeowners to turn the lights on remotely so they never have to come home to a dark house again.

We also checked out the smart valve, which is a device that connects the main water supply in your home to the Iris app. The app allows you to turn water on or off remotely, which gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they can protect their home from any leaks or flooding, no matter where they are.

It’s never been easier to have a smart home, and Lowe’s Iris kits are the perfect way to get started. Tweet us @coldwellbanker and let us know how you would customize your home, and make sure to visit our our CES blog page to check out all the latest trends in home technology. You can follow our CES adventure in real time by searching the hashtag #CBCES.

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iSensor HD: For the Security Conscious Home

I grew up in a house that beeped every time you opened a door to the outside. Evidently it was a security system feature to let you know someone was entering or exiting the house. Made it extremely difficult to sneak out at night, but that system might as well be from the Flinstones era with the new home security systems being unveiled at CES this week.

Netherlands-based, Amaryllo International, boasts the world’s smallest home security system they call the iSensor HD. It’s an easy to install security camera that offers 240 degree panning, mobile push alerts with visuals when alarm is triggered and 256-bit encryption.

For me the biggest question is how easy is it to install? From the looks of it the iSensor HD is about as simple as installing a new wireless doorbell. Hang it on a wall. Connect it to your home network. Then setup the app and system to the settings you want.

The iSensor HD is being promoted for use both at home or even at an office, but can it compete with the likes of DropCam? Only time will tell, but iSensor appears to be as simple as it gets.

Here’s a video highlighting some of the basics of what iSensor HD can do:

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Real Estate Headlines with Apocalypse Chic, Swamp of Doom and the Gilded City

Merry New Year! It’s 2015 and everything just feels new. Resolutions are being made so I’m making one too. I resolve to share your weekly dose of real estate headlines every Monday. Here’s me keeping my resolution for at least the first week of the year.

Gawker takes a look at the worst building in the Gilded City.

It appears Habitat for Humanity is turning its focus to renovating homes instead of building from scratch.

How would you like to build your home on top of the “swamp of doom?”

CNNMoney shares the 5 biggest threats to the housing market.

I think I like this bookshelf staircase.

What trends will emerge in 2015 that will change the way you buy a home?

US News shares their best real estate moves to make in 2015.

What are the top 10 real estate markets for home appreciation?

And finally, are you interested in a zombie proof cabin? Apparently apocalypse chic is the new black.

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Your Home’s January Honey Do List

Ah, the month of resolutions! Your personal honey do list is sure to be filled with ambitious goals for 2015: get back to the gym, take control of your diet, but what about your home? This month, we’ve rounded up a January to do list to make sure you start the year off on the right foot at home.

1. Nix Indoor Condensation – Look for indoor condensation on windows and take corrective action. For 7 ways to reduce humidity in your home, check out this great video from Andersen Windows & Doors.

2. Make a maintenance calendar – Review warranties and product material to check on recommended maintenance for furnace, equipment, appliances, and tools. Mark your calendar to track scheduled upkeep and service.

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize – After the holiday decorations come down, your walls can feel a bit dull and empty. January is a great time to add new home decor accessories, like fresh throw pillows or framed photos of the past year’s activities.

4. Get ready for the big game – Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 1st this year, so now’s the time to get ready for the ultimate game day. Here are 5 winning football party ideas that will score big.

5. Organize your files – While most paperwork is now maintained digitally, it’s still important to make sure you’re organized and backed up. Take an afternoon to sort through online statements, contacts and emails that piled up over the holidays. And after all of that hard work, be sure to back up to a hard drive or cloud service.

6. Sort and toss – Take time to sort through your toiletry products in the bathroom and food items in the pantry. Toss anything that is old or expired and start fresh for the new year.

7. Warm up your home – In many parts of the country, we’re dreaming of ways to add a little extra warmth around the house. Whether it’s adding weather stripping or a smart thermostat, these 6 easy ways to make your home warmer and cozier this winter are just the trick!

8. Ready to Move? Do this first – If you’re thinking of selling your home in 2015, make it a resolution to collect these 10 pieces of valuable information well before the spring real estate rush.

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The Most Read Blue Matter Blog Posts of 2014

Out with the old and in with the new. While everyone has their top lists of the past year, we wanted to share some of our most read posts in case you missed out on any of the home content we’ve shared in the last 365 days. Some of our top posts will be of no surprise while others just might make you want to take a second look.

Here are the most read Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog posts for 2014:

  1. The #HomeRocks Awards – Celebrationg our “Home Sweet Home” ad’s debut on the Grammy Awards we opened up voting to the public for the best “home” song of the past year. Turns out a boy band called Midnight Red took home the prize and made this post our most shared content of the year with nearly 20k social shares.
  2. The Most Expensive Home for Sale in the United States – Nothing draws an audience like pictures of a $195 million home for sale in Beverly Hills.
  3. 16 Genius Storage Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of – Tips for finding a home for all the things in your home.
  4. 9 Overlooked Items to Prep Your Home for Sale – Thinking of selling your home in 2015? You’ll want to read this.
  5. 10 Pieces of Valuable Info to Gather Before You Sell Your Home – See comment for #4
  6. Home of the Week: A Piece of Paradise – Own a piece of Paradise…Valley.
  7. Expert Advice on How to Prepare Your Home for Sale – We asked our global network of real estate professionals to share their best tips for getting ready to sell.
  8. Coldwell Banker 2014 Home Listing Report – What’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home worth in over 2,000 markets across the country? Come find out.
  9. Home of the Week: Amenity Heaven in Irvine – Features one of my favorite listing videos of the year.
  10. Beautiful Glass Homes – These sellers do not throw rocks…ever.

Thank you for making this the best year yet for the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog and we look forward to sharing more amazing content for your home in 2015. Have a very happy and safe new year!

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Home of the Week: Buckhead’s Most Palatial Estate

In our final ‘Home of the Week‘ of 2014, we move from a French inspired estate in Tahoe to one of the largest and grandest homes in the United States.

Located just down the street from the Governor’s Mansion on Atlanta’s most prestigious street lies one of America’s finest homes. This 9 bedroom and approximately 40,000 square foot mansion has been internationally recognized for its beauty and is reportedly the 12th largest home in America.

This $15.9 million estate has been featured in many famous films and was referred to recently by Yahoo as the “house who became a movie star” – and for good reason. Highlights of the home include a grand ballroom, cigar lounge, recording studio, two gyms and the fabulous 18 seat movie theater that I’d enjoy every single day. As if that wasn’t enough, the two acre estate features a resort like outdoor space and a wellness center with a 20 person steam room, tanning salon, massage parlor and hair and nail salon.

Click here to see more of this once-in-a-lifetime home listed by Debbie Sonenshine with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

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