Home of the Brave: Another Look at the ‘People’s House’

WH Museum Kitchen Home of the Brave: Another Look at the Peoples House

To celebrate President Obama’s birthday last August, we took a look at a few of the spaces in the White House that we thought would be great locations for a memorable birthday party grand enough to make the likes of George Clooney and Jay Z jealous.

Today just so happens to be Independence Day and the 237th birthday of our great nation: The United States of America. To celebrate what is arguably one of the most historic and important birthdays of all-time, let’s take a look at a few more of our favorite spaces in our country’s most famous home – The White House

The White House Kitchen

Mamie Eisenhower in the Kitchen in 1958

The kitchen in any home is often times referred to as the most important room in a home and undoubtedly where “all the magic happens.” The kitchen in the White House is no exception as chefs prepare delicious four course meals for dignitaries and classic American breakfasts for the “first children”.

As is the case in our own homes, even the White House needs a renovation here and there to keep up with the times. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly wasn’t happy with the kitchen’s amenities so she had it renovated with professional level appliances in 1935. Today this fully stocked kitchen has the capacity to cook dinner for up to 140 guests.


WH Museum Library Home of the Brave: Another Look at the Peoples House

The Library in 2008

It takes a whole lot of reading to make it to the White House, so it’s no surprise that the Library in this home sets the perfect mood for its most famous residents to seek some quiet time to read, write and relax when the time allows.

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