Candace Olson Talks About the Divine Kitchen

Few people know more about great design in the home than Candace Olson. The HGTV personality has wowed audiences for years with her elegant and fresh take on adding color and elements to liven up your home.

Our friends at Coldwell Banker Previews Inside Out got the chance to talk with Candace Olson and pick her brain about home design and what her favorite room in the home is. No surprise to me, it’s the kitchen. In the interview Candace gets into detail on how to properly layout your kitchen to maximize efficiency.

She talks about the “Kitchen Work Triangle” which consists of the sink, the fridge and the cooktop. Evidently, these 3 elements should be space about 5-10 feet apart in a triangle format to make your work in the kitchen that much more efficient. Who knew?

See what else the host of HGTV’s Divine Design, Candace Olson, had to say about designing a kitchen, decorative touches and the sleekest kitchen she’s ever seen in the full interview at Coldwell Banker Previews Inside Out.

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