Best Homecomings in Movie History: Home Alone

homealone5 Best Homecomings in Movie History: Home Alone

The second nominee in the #YourHome Awards honoring the best homecoming scenes in movie history is my personal childhood favorite – Home Alone. The film starring a perfectly cast Macaulay Culkin went on to be the highest grossing film of 1990, but in its second life it has undoubtedly become one of the most iconic holiday movies of all time; up there with the likes of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘A Christmas Story’.

From Marv’s scream when he steps on the Christmas Tree ornaments on over to the tarantula episode at the top of the stairs with the crowbar – we can probably spend hours talking about the countless memorable and stomachache inducing funny scenes in this film. While Home Alone is certainly hilarious, it also has “heart” and an overall positive message about the power, importance and love we get from home and family. While the movie’s main focus is on Kevin McCallister and his predicament with the Wet Bandits, the Old Man Marley storyline is one of the more subtle and powerful ones of the film.

The great backstory on Old Man Marley starts with Kevin’s brother Buzz telling him about the legend of the “South Bend Shovel Slayer” and how Old Man Marley kept his victims in a garbage can full of salt. All the neighborhood kids were fearful of the old man, but the veil eventually gets lifted when Kevin has a heart to heart conversation with him in church on Christmas Eve. It turns out that Old Man Marley is no ax murderer at all, he simply got into a heated argument with his son years back and unfortunately hasn’t seen him or his granddaughter since. During this heart to heart, the wise beyond his years Kevin tells Marley that he should put himself out there and call his son, even if he’s afraid.

With all this great heartbreaking backstory on Marley and his family, our nomination for best homecoming scene occurs near the end when he is outside on Christmas morning hugging his estranged son and granddaughter. Kevin runs to the window and for a brief moment locks eyes with Marley who is still hugging his granddaughter tight. Marley smiles and waves his hand at Kevin; undoubtedly thanking him for the great advice that gave him his family and life back on Christmas.

We could have nominated the scene when Kevin’s mom returns home from her long trek back from Paris, but that look that Old Man Marley gives Kevin is truly beautiful and is indicative of the years worth of loneliness and regret that has been lifted from his shoulders. It teaches us that we’re never too old to be afraid and absolutely never too old to change either. What results is a misunderstood and presumably lonely man getting his family back – and on Christmas of all days!

This film gets my vote in the #YourHome Awards, but it’s certainly up against some stiff competition. If you’re still undecided, stay tuned to …read more

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